Inspiration and a Pogonotrophial Equation

It’s not like I really need any more inspiration when it comes to pogonotrophy but just look at this lovely young couple!


These hot youngsters are my in-laws in 1980.

White and brown suit?  Oh, yeah!

And the side-burn/moustache combo, in a kind of a la Souvarov motife?  Awesome!

So, for those wondering (like my long-suffering wife) why on earth I would shave in the manner that I am for this Movember I present to you one simple pogonotrophial equation: [1970s father + 1980s father-in-law = 2010s Tim with friendly-mutton-shops]

In other words (or pictures):

This: (1970s father)

Dad, circa 1971 - cropped

+ this: (1980s father-in-law)Ray - 1980

= this:


And, most importantly, the reason I’m doing this is to support men’s health through Movember, so head on over here and help all this ridiculously bad facial hair make a difference!