Kickin’ with Kain

While we’ve been on our little holiday we’ve spent the bulk of our time in or around Invermere, B.C.  It’s an absolutely beautiful area in the Canadian Rockies that’s not nearly as busy or hectic as Banff or Kananaskis, especially now that it’s “off-season.” (Although technically I think that, being on the west side of the Rocky Mountain Trench, we’ve spent our time in either the Columbia or Purcell Mountains.)  I’m sure once ski season hits its stride this place will be nuts.  But for now it’s a great place to relax.

Anyway, once we knew that we’d be in Invermere we knew we’d need to stop by Kicking Horse Coffee.  Perhaps you’re familiar with Kicking Horse.  They make great coffee.  If you’re not familiar with them you really should check them out (click here).  They’re awesome for at least 3 reasons: 1) they’re a good, Canadian company; 2) since the beginning all of their coffees/teas have been Fair Trade certified; 3) plain and simple: their coffee is really, really good!


So we’ve stopped by their head-quarters a few times since being here since they have a really nice cafe as part of their facilities.


As we were sitting and enjoying our drink I noticed a blend that I hadn’t tried yet (I’ve only tried a few of their coffees so far).  It was their bugaboo blend.  The reason why it stood out was because the logo for the blend was a cool silhouette of a guy with a pipe.  Awesome.

Reading the description I learned that they named this blend in honour of renowned mountaineer, Conrad Kain.  Kain was an Austrian climber who became famous for his exploits in this area, specifically for his first ascent of the Bugaboo Spire.

I’ve never done any real mountain climbing but I’ve done a moderate amount of wall climbing, which I really enjoy, as well as reading a few mountaineering books (like John Krakauer’s).  All that’s too say: I liked the logo and thought the tribute to Kain was cool.

Here’s the picture that the logo was based on.  Like I said: awesome!


Conrad Kain (1883-1934): Canadian mountaineering legend; first-ascender of 60 routes in BC alone (including not only Bugaboo Spire but also Mt. Robson)!  And check out that beard.  Beautiful.

ConradKain2So stroke your beard, and raise a cup of coffee in honour of the legendary Conrad Kain.