The end of the beard?

Well, for those of you who still check back here from time to time I should clear things up and let you know that, in all likelihood, I won’t be blogging here anymore.  So while my beard will continue on in its various forms this blog will not.

For those who care to follow along with my meanderings I will still post whenever I feel like it over at my other co-blog, Sweet Like Meat (click).

For those who have an insatiable desire for more bearded content I will enthusiastically point you over to Bearded Gospel Men (click)the pinnacle of bearded Gospelly goodness on the web.  I am also very humbled and honoured to be an occasional contributor on that prestigious site.

Please make sure to check out BGM on:

Tumblr (click)WordPress (click)Facebook (click), and Twitter (click).  More beards, more Gospel!