Call of the Wild

I had hoped that during this sabbatical I might be able to spend more time in the woods than I actually did.  But, as many of you know, the weather around here has been pretty bad the past few weeks, so I only managed to get out this past weekend and even then we had to put up with at least two hours of solid rain.

Regardless, it was a great time to hang out with my brother in God’s amazing creation.  For me, there’s nothing quite so cathartic as being out in nature, so it was a good way to head into my last week of sabbatical.  Yes, it rained.  Yes, the bugs were bad… really bad.  Yes, it was totally worth it!

Here’s the spot we chose to make our camp.

Duck Lake No. 463-20130623-00396

Here’s what it looked like once we set things up.  Since we were hiking in (not too far; a 3km hike from the road to our spot) we kept things fairly minimal with just a tarp and our bivies.

Duck Lake No. 463-20130623-00415

Duck Lake No. 463-20130623-00417

Once the sun came out it was amazing!


Here was our kitchen set-up.  It was a real pain to find ‘dry’ wood for the fire but we managed!  At least the smoke kept the bugs away.

Duck Lake No. 463-20130623-00411

The tools of the trade (Gransfors Bruks small forest axe; Condor Hudson Bay knife).

Duck Lake No. 463-20130623-00414

The beard shines brighter in the woods!


The bearded Braun brothers in the bush!