Brilliant Beards #8

Those of you who know me know that I am a drummer.  So, just as it was inevitable that I bring Tolkien into this whole beard thing, it was inevitable that drumming get tied into this as well.

Brilliant Beards #8: Bearded Drummers

Drummer #1 – Jeff Hamilton













I first found out about Jeff Hamilton when I saw him playing for Diana Krall’s Live in Paris.  He’s got that awesome combination of technical ability and musicality.  Everything he plays perfectly serves the song.  He also almost always is sporting some sort of beard.

Check this vid out.  For me this epitomizes what a drum solo should be.


Drummer #2 – Billy Martin













I’m a big fan of Medeski, Martin, & Wood, an eclectic jazz trio.  A huge part of their sound is the style of drummer, Billy Martin.  When I first heard him play I was blown away by two things: his insane groove, and how loose he played.  At the time I was really into insanely tight, technical drummers, so to hear someone who really grooved hard yet had a really loose style was unique.  In particular, I love how he integrates authentic folk grooves.  Check out 2:50-3:50 in the video below:


Drummer #3 – Bwack














Bwack provides us with a proper Bearded Gospel Man.  Bwack is the drummer for the David Crowder* Band, one of the very few Christian bands that I actually, truly enjoy listening to.  Well, actually, the DC*B is no longer playing together, but most of the band has formed a new band, The Digital Age.  Bwack is a pretty straight-forward rock drummer, but I like how he integrates electric and acoustic drums and he can pull off some decent prog-rock drumming. Here’s his drum part for their song, Believe:

And here’s the song with everyone together (doesn’t he make the rest of the band look like a bunch of boys?):