Brilliant Beards #7

In 2011 I discovered rugby.

I had always known about rugby, of course, but I hadn’t ever really been exposed to it and so I just thought of it as some sort of cool, uber-manly sport that only crazy people played.  Then, in 2011, the Rugby World Cup happened in New Zealand and there was proper TV coverage!  Finally I had my chance to properly acquaint myself with rugby; where had it been all my life?!

Then, to top it all off, Rugby Canada’s team was lead by a trio of bearded ruggers: Adam Kleeberger, Hubert  Buydens, and Jebb Sinclair.

Fear the Beard - Canadian Beardos

Brilliant Beards #7: Rugby World Cup, 2011 – The Canadian Beardos

Apparently these 3 guys decided a number of months ahead of the RWC that they would grow out their beards (play-off beard style).  The results were stunning!

Adam Kleeberger:


Hubert Buydens:




Hubert Buydens - beard


Jebb Sinclair:




Naturally, the beards were a hit!  Canada did quite well in the tournament, all things considered, and before long fans of Canadian rugby showed up for the matches sporting beards of their own:

canrugby600 rugby.1798 rwc-nzca-geoff-infield21-crop


Beards, rugby: brilliant!