Sabbatical Reading List

So, I was assembling a list of the books that I’ve either already started or have been thinking I’d like to get around to during my sabbatical and I figured there might be a few of you out there who might find that interesting so here it is!

This is a self-imposed list, so I’m sure that books will be added or subtracted as the days and weeks go by.


Tim’s Sabbatical Reading List:

(s) – started; (x) completed; (_-rr) re-read

Main Study Goals:

(s) Hebrew for the Rest of Us (Lee M. Fields)

(s) Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament (Christopher J. H. Wright)

– Knowing the Holy Spirit through the Old Testament (Christopher J. H. Wright)

– Knowing God the Father through the Old Testament (Christopher J. H. Wright)

General Theology:

(s) Against Calvinism (Roger E. Olsen)

(s) The King Jesus Gospel (Scot McKnight)

(s) Hearing Her Voice (John Dickson)

– The Blue Parakeet (Scot McKnight)

– A Community Called Atonement (Scot McKnight)

– How God Became King (N.T. Wright)

– Jesus Through Middle-Eastern Eyes (Kenneth E. Bailey)

Christian Living/Spiritual Life/Prayer/etc:

(s) Letters from a Skeptic (Greg Boyd)

(s) The Orthodox Way (Timothy Ware)

(s) Beginning to Pray (Anthony Bloom)

– Praying with the Church (Scot McKnight)

– Life with God (Richard Foster)

– A Testament of Devotion (Thomas R. Kelly)


– (x) Lilith (George MacDonald)

– (s) Phantastes (George MacDonald)

(s-rr) Dune (Frank Herbert)

– (rr)Dune Messiah (Frank Herbert)

– (rr)Ender’s Game (Orson Scott Card)